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Travel and Accommodation

Participants organize their stay in Famagusta (Northern Cyprus) themselves and at their own expense. Each participant is free to select and book their accommodation in Famagusta using any of the relevant booking platforms or direct contact with the relevant accommodation place. The location of the workshop is quite easy to reach by taking a taxi from the ErcanAirport ( Ercan Havalimanı) that it takes 47 minutes’ drive to the university. The cheaper and still comfortable transportation is also possible by using KIBHAS shuttle services, from the airport to Famagusta. The KIBHAS services' schedule can be found HERE.

Citizens of "almost" all countries can enter to the Northern Cyprus WITHOUT VISA for up to 90 days. Please see the VISA DETAILS. (See also

It is also possible to travel to the Northern Cyprus from the South Cyprus (by using the Larnaca Airport) (and back again). But this time the Cyprus Visa Rules are applied.

We wish you a pleasant and safe journey, and look forward to welcoming you in PHYSICS DAYS.

Many hotels and dormitories in the Famagusta-Northern Cyprus are very close to Eastern Mediterranean University (in Turkish: Doğu Akdeniz Üniversitesi). 

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