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Physics Days 2017

Physics Days 2017 Archive


Department of Physics invites you to Physics Days-2017 event: Annual Meeting of Physicists in North Cyprus.

The target of the meeting is to bring together the Physicists in North Cyprus for sharing their newest studies and experiences in their research fields. Physics Days-2017 aims to provide Physicists of all sub-disciplines with unique opportunities to build a national/international network, showcase their research, and develop key professional skills.

Physics Days-2017 features several activities including talks from scientists, seminar/poster presentations from graduate students, lunch, and coffee/tea breaks. The keynote speaker of the meeting is Prof. Dr. Eduardo Guendelman (Ben-Gurion University).  (See also the latest news about Prof. Dr. E. Guendelman, which is published in NATURE)


You can also download the pdf form of the above brochure: PhysicsDays2017_JUNE.pdf

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